Jon French has the energy, experience and drive to make a real, tangible difference to your business. Jon will work with you to shape the future of your business by developing successful growth strategies, using his extensive experience and connections to add real value. Jon left a fast-paced career in the corporate world of technology and mobile sectors to focus on his drive for pushing boundaries and developing tech businesses poised for growth. He enjoys the freedom that comes with mentoring others, using experience gained through many years of proven achievements: from working with well recognised international brands to start-up entrepreneurs helping guide ambitious boards of growth companies.

Jon’s knowledge and successes within the rapidly changing tech industry, as well as his work as an advisor for several companies, ensures he occupies a unique position within the market: the ability to be a progressive, hands-on and dynamic contributor and leader. Jon’s innovative approach stems from his understanding of how quickly the landscape can evolve in the technology industry. His flexible approach in mentoring and motivating encompasses the need to fully engage with the board whilst remaining impartial.

Jon now sits as an advisor to the board for a number of large and small organisations. His goal is to make your business missions a reality. Not simply to shout from the sidelines but to collaborate with the management teams as a full participant who is truly invested in the end result. Jon’s energy, drive and ambitious approach will bring success to any business that dares to dream beyond their current limits.

Ability to build relationships at any level

Fast to grasp complex problems and find practical solutions

Clear, decisive, active leadership

Openness and transparency

Coaching and mentoring


Jon’s extensive experience and skill set comes from two decades working in the consumer electronics industry across multiple territories, including: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. He has worked for large organisations originating from the UK, U.S, Finland, Iceland, Korea, Taiwan, China and Vietnam, as well as living and working in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Jon has a natural ability to find common ground and build bonds with people across geographical and cultural boundaries. Central to the success of his projects is Jon’s genuine inquisitive nature and the desire to fully understand his clients, what drives them and what holds them back. This development of relationships over the years has resulted in a valuable network of cross-industry connections and contacts.


Business Growth & Sales Strategy

As an advisor to the board, Jon joined a financial management software business to solidify the business growth strategy and implement a sales plan. A hands-on role, he attended board meetings, company strategy meetings, and key customer meetings to participate and add value. He led the setting of KPIs for the business and guided the sales team to implement the plan.

Funding & Investor Strategy

Jon was to define a growth strategy, which ultimately led to the development of a funding strategy. He supported the CEO to define the private investor requirement, advised on how to position the company attractively, and identify those persons with the right experience to not only invest but actively help with their associations and connections.

Management Coaching & Business Advisory Service

Jon currently sits on the board as Chairman of a mobile service repair centre and operates as a coach and business advisor to the CEO. With a desire to grow the business and capitalise on the strengths of the company, Jon is able to identify skills gaps and use his talents and contacts to bring in additional support where needed. He has contributed to developing a new culture of execution, accountability and ambition.

Market Entry Strategy & Product Portfolio Management

Working alongside the Board of Directors for an international mobile telecoms brand, Jon put together a product portfolio strategy based on devices specified from customer requirements. He worked with consumer research teams on defining the offer and then cultivated relationships with manufacturers in China and Vietnam to bring them to market and developed the plan to sell into global mobile operators. He then took the brand to market, engaging C level customer contacts, to drive the brand to success.



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